Veneno 2.8 W RGB

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Veneno Line is the result of constant research and development of laser technology, in order to offer its costumers the best possible prices and products.

The main feature of VENENO LINE RGB systems is that they are manufactured in an ONLY one an aluminum block, emptied by means of a milling machine for all components of the laser projector, so that it can fit perfectly, avoiding friction, mismatches, reducing the volume and weight, as well as cooling improvement; together with an excellent isolation from dust, wet and water.

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Weight 6.5 kg
Dimensions 24 cm x 19 cm x 11 cm cm

key lock and scan fail




Pangolin ScannerMax 506 (35k)


White Balanced Guaranteed output power 2.8 W, Red 638nm : 600 milliwatts, 520 nm Green : 900 milliwatts, Blue 445 nm 1.5 Watt