686.00 € vat excl

This product, the latest creation at Cittadini factory, was designed to revolutionize the laser show market. 

▪Xbeam is a laser module 1 Watt of power RGB weighing only 600 grams, providing an only direct beam without any mirrors or beam scanners to create any color effect.

  • Controlled by DMX 
  • 4 channels selector display
  • Connector input / output power.
  • DMX (XLR 3 PIN) in / out
  • Display to select the DMX address.

▪ External power supply  able to feed four XBEAM  in order to place the module structure anywhere on the stage, thanks to its light weight , dimensions and centralized power source near the electrical panel

Budget Request

1 Vatio:

7 (L) x 12, 5 (AN) x 8 (AL) cm