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About us

We are the company that has always been at the forefront of technological innovations.

It is a creative passion that has led us to gain expertise and experience in the area of lasers, optics and related disciplines. Combined with backgrounds in software and electronics, we aim for excellence in our products and services.

This allows us to acquire custom projects from anyone who needs the unusual solutions that lasers require.

When necessary, we can draw and immerse them in a totally different environment on the stage of photography, music, artists, models and others who excel in their field.

What we do

We are the company that has always been at the forefront of technological innovations.

Equipment Manufacturing

Cittadini lasers feature Pangolin motors/scanners and 100% Cittadini-Tech Inside modules, all housed in a CNC anodised aluminium chassis with Scan Fail safety, ILDA in/out connection, Power in/out, remote emergency stop switch and adjustable laser output blade.

Laser control

At Cittadini we use Pangolin software and interfaces to control the power and performance of our equipment. We also equip our laser projectors with Pangolin technology, such as security systems for Lasorb diodes and 35K Max scanners. We are the only Official Pangolin Distributor in Spain, offering the best price and personalised advice.

Professional laser show production

Cittadini Laser offers its clients exceptional consultancy and production of large, custom-designed Laser shows for top artists and top events. Whether you need a Laser show created from scratch, or a specific one designed to satisfy the top technical riders, we can always help you with the most advanced and daring Laser solutions.
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